You’ve been with your IT partner for a long time. Your company is growing, your team is expanding, and you are developing personally. But you still stick with the same IT provider that you’ve had since day one. In some cases, this is fine. But oftentimes this type of staunch faithfulness can hold you back. Maybe it’s time to reassess? Let’s look at some of the tell-tale signs you’ve outgrown your IT partner.

Your IT Partner Uses as One-Size-Fits-All Approach


Your business is unlike any other. Sure, you might have competitors that offer something similar to what you offer. There might be other businesses that operate in a way that’s comparable to yours. However, they are not the same. No two businesses are exactly alike. Their internal processes differ, their goals differ and that thing that makes them stand out is certainly different. But still, there are IT providers that treat all businesses as if they are the same and use a tired, one-size-fits-all approach. Your IT partner should appreciate your individuality and work tirelessly to provide IT services that are tailored to your needs. If they don’t? You should find an IT partner who will.


 It’s Not a Partnership

Does your IT provider sometimes feel like a stranger? Or do they feel like part of your team? As you grow, are they growing with you? These are important questions to ask. There is a reason why it’s called an IT partnership. Your IT services provider should be a partner through your growth. As your business expands, they should be making recommendations and looking for ways to improve your IT infrastructure in line with your objectives. They should be proactive in offering advice and suggesting better ways of operating. Most importantly, it should feel like they are there for you whenever you need them. Your IT partner should feel like a regular participant in your business.


Your Business is Persisting with Out-of-Date Software

The software solutions you use are constantly being updated and upgraded by the software provider. Bugs are fixed, features are improved, and the inner workings of your business are regularly optimised. This means that you are always using best in class technology. If your IT partner supplies cloud-based software, you always have access to the latest software updates. If your IT provider puts off updating technology and does not allow you to access up-to-date software, it’s a good indication that standards are slipping and maybe you’d be better served elsewhere.


Cybersecurity Isn’t a Big Deal

How often does your IT provider perform a security check? When discussing IT, how often do they consider things from a cybersecurity perspective? If “rarely” is the answer to both these questions, it’s a definite red flag. Small and medium-sized businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals. If you haven’t been targeted already, consider yourself lucky. Your IT partner should be the driving force behind keeping your business protected from online threats. They should be regularly updating your antivirus and anti-malware software. They should be regularly testing your firewall, email filtering and regularly performing penetration tests to ensure that your business is airtight. If your IT partner isn’t putting security first, then who is?


  You Only See IT as an Expense


If you only see IT as an outgoing expense, then something is wrong. At ActionPoint, we see IT as a strategic enabler and believe you should too. IT isn’t just an expense. It is a major part of your business that facilitates expansion and growth. If your IT infrastructure is robust, it should make it easy to grow your team, get bigger, better clients and increase your bottom line. When your IT partner becomes your strategic partner, that’s when you know you’ve found a perfect match.


If some, or all, of these tell-tale signs are there, it could be time to reassess your approach to IT. At ActionPoint, we work hard to understand your business and provide a solution that is specific to your needs. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have vast experience in setting organisations up with cloud-based solutions that are designed to scale. If an out-of-the-box solution just won’t fit, we can look at developing custom software that is built around your business processes. We put a huge emphasis in building strong relationships with our clients and only work with those that see IT as a strategic enabler. We always try to find the best, most efficient way of doing things but always put security first.

To learn more about our IT services check out ActionPoint’s Comprehensive IT Solutions.


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