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At ActionPoint, we love to ask questions. Before engaging in any service, we repeatedly ask “why?” in order to get to the root of an organisation’s motivations and expectations. We want to tease potential wins and ensure our client is undertaking a project for the right reasons. This line of questioning is especially important when the organisation is considering a major IT transformation, one that will fundamentally change internal processes or ways of doing things. Often, we simply want to find out if the organisation is growth-minded and motivated by continuously evolving how business is conducted.
Complete Cloud Migration from ActionPoint is the process by which organisations move from traditional, on-prem data centres to the Azure Cloud. At ActionPoint, our team is vastly experienced at facilitating cloud migration. This service is carried out to enhance overall functionality, scalability and performance. With Complete Cloud Migration from ActionPoint, the key motivators are relatively clear-cut.

Organisations move from physical data centres to the Azure Cloud to create a better ecosystem for innovation and to increase flexibility. For growing companies, cloud migration has become a necessary step in becoming a modern, flexible workplace. Often the need to migrate is accelerated by a critical business event such as a merger or acquisition.

6 Reasons to Choose Complete Cloud Migration by ActionPoint

Above, we mentioned some of the key drivers for undertaking Azure Cloud migration. But what are the tangible benefits? In this article, using a handful of our own case studies, we highlight six key advantages to engaging in ActionPoint’s cloud migration service.

Increased Operational Agility and Flexibility

Transitioning from physical data centres to a more elastic cloud solution, allows for greater scalability and flexibility. In the modern business world, customer’s expectations are incredibly high. Consumers assume that businesses can react swiftly to changing market demands and the onus is on organisations to continuously innovate and disrupt.

When a business’s data and applications are primarily housed in the Azure Cloud, there is a much greater flexibility and operational agility. ActionPoint client Cloudcards is an Aviation Management Software Provider aimed at airline and aircraft lessors. Cloudcards was able to capitalise on a gap in the market and release a new product quickly and effectively by leveraging the flexibility of the Azure Cloud. This increased operational agility has been pivotal to their continued success.

Improved Disaster Recovery

A cloud-based disaster recovery plan enables organisations to react quicker when disaster strikes and get back up and running with minimum downtime. Keating is a multinational Engineering Firm with headquarters in Co. Clare. Having been acquired in 2018 and with several offices in Ireland and the UK, the need for cloud migration was abundantly clear.

Prior to undergoing cloud migration, Keating carried out a risk register to spot potential risks. At the time, the firm was only carrying out partial backups with no off-site backup in existence. This meant that if their onsite data centre were ever severely damaged or destroyed, it would be almost impossible to recover. After migrating to the Azure Cloud, Keating put in place a secure disaster recovery plan. This has afforded the firm incredible peace of mind and given the organisation room to breathe if a worst-case scenario were to ever arise.

A More Collaborative Environment

Through Azure Cloud migration, the ability for teams to access, edit and share documents in a streamlined fashion creates a more collaborative and efficient work environment. Team members can access the same files and make changes in real-time, reducing the need for in-person consulting.

Again, for ActionPoint client Keating, there were huge frustrations related to document accessibility. There were no clear document control or version history control procedures in place. By collaborating on documents in the Azure Cloud, teams can have confidence that the latest versions are being used and can see edits as they occur.

For the aforementioned Cloudcards of point number 1, the switch to Azure led to a “3x improvement in team velocity”.

ActionPoint’s Complete Cloud Migration Process

A More Mobile Solution

Access to the Azure Cloud lends itself to increased workplace flexibility and a more mobile workforce. Organisations are no longer locked to physical on-prem data centres and data can be accessed from anywhere. This paves the way for greater opportunities to scale internationally.

This ability to grow internationally and improve scaling capacity is commonly identified as a chief motivation for undergoing cloud migration. Cloud-based services are ideal for organisations with fluctuating bandwidth demands as capacities can be altered depending on growth. This makes rapid international expansion possible.

Cost-Saving OpEx Model

Complete Cloud Migration from ActionPoint moves companies away from large capital investment and maintenance costs to a more effective OpEx model, where cost is based directly on operational requirements. For all ActionPoint’s Complete Cloud Migration clients this has been a definite advantage.

Increased Competitiveness

The previous five points all combine to create a competitive advantage for companies that move from physical, on-prem data centres to the Azure Cloud. This competitive advantage is compounded by new-found opportunities for innovation.

Another ActionPoint client that leveraged the Azure Cloud to gain a competitive advantage was Chill Insurance. Chill was able to adapt to market demands, quickly and efficiently through using the cloud. Modern deployment techniques, combined with the flexibility of Azure, allowed Chill to improve user experience while increasing sales, speed and output. This ability to innovate and respond quickly to market demands has been key in keeping Chill Insurance ahead of the competition.

These are just some of the reasons why ActionPoint clients use Complete Cloud Migration. For expanding, growth-focused organisations, the benefits are obvious. Migrating to the Azure Cloud better equips organisations to scale internationally and be more mobile and flexible. Companies gain a competitive advantage through utilising an Op-Ex model and increasing operational agility. Organisations also become more secure by implementing a proper cloud-based disaster recovery plan.

Learn more about the benefits of ActionPoint’s cloud migration service – Complete Cloud Migration.  Check out our Complete Cloud Migration offering or for current ActionPoint customers, contact your Account Manager today.

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