In October 2018, the IDA estimated that there were around 216,000 remote workers in Ireland. With mobile technology constantly evolving and the birth of the on-the-go worker, there were more than a few signs that a remote working revolution was coming. However, no one could have predicted the way in which remote working was trusted upon the world in 2020.  


For most of the country, the Covid-19 pandemic transformed remote working from a new way of working to the only way of working. We’ve been impressed, and more than a little intrigued, by the response of Irish workers and businesses. So much so that in April 2020, at the height of lockdown, we conducted a survey with a view to better understand the journey Irish organisations have been on. This week, we’re sharing our findings (you can download it at the bottom of the page).  


The Upside of Remote Working  

In our report, we looked at the remote working policies that businesses had in place prior to the Covid-19 and how they adapted. We asked about the security policies in place. After all, remote workers are often more vulnerable and susceptible to cyber-attacks outside of the safety of the office environment. We looked at the challenges that come with adopting a totally new way of working.  

 One thing that has stood out for us is those opportunities of remote working, which we mentioned at the start of this post, which have long been ignored. In our report we asked what Irish workers most liked about remote working. Not surprisingly, the time saved on commute, flexible schedule and extra time with family were most cherished. But it was interesting to see that workers felt more productive and less distracted at home. It could be the reason that 86.21% of workers want to continue working from home in some capacity going forward.  



Q: What do you like most about remote working? Survey results above.  



Remote Working Works. Now What?   

If the Covid-19 pandemic was the ultimate litmus test for remote working, then the early signs seem to indicate that remote working might be something worth keeping. Now that workers have experienced the benefits, it will be difficult to ignore them. Conversations with employees about working preferences should happen and companies might need to reconsider their remote working policies. The findings in our report suggest that a hybrid workplace could be the best approach.  


This report is not meant to have all the answers. Instead, we hope that it opens up further questions – about your remote working policies, about whether or not your team wants to continue remote working and if so, how will the company support them?  


Download the Report for Free  

For more on this and to find out more about how Irish workers are adapting to remote working, check out The Covid-19 Remote Working Report from ActionPoint. Click here to download.   


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