With Microsoft Teams at the helm of many hybrid workplaces, ensuring that your users are adhering to governance guidelines and protecting your organisations’ data is crucial. In a world where cybercrime is continuously on the rise and companies are falling victim to ransomware threats, defining your governance strategy could be the difference between protecting your business or being complacent. In this blog, we explain what Teams Governance is and how you can give your team the tools to successfully protect your data.  


What does Governance in Microsoft Teams look like?

Governance Microsoft Teams

Governance is a set of guidelines put in place to keep users on the right track when using given applications. As companies roll out Teams to more and more users, have more virtual meetings, and create more teams, they can find themselves overwhelmed and failing to establish the best governance practices. This can lead to gaps in security and compliance policies, not to mention confusion among users as to what they can and can’t do with Microsoft Teams. 

With a comprehensive and clear governance policy in place, IT Managers can rest a little easier when it comes to security threats. Making sure that data is being stored in the right place, and access to private documents is granted only to team members that require access, helps to reduce risk of  error when it comes to security.  This also helps to regulate which users are granted access to certain teams and how to easily remove users from Teams when they leave the organisation.  


 How can our Teams learn about these best practices?  

Teams best practises

In order for our teams to have the knowledge and know-how when it comes to protecting data, they must be provided with the right skillsets to securely do their job. At ActionPoint Academy, we work with hundreds of businesses to arm staff in all different industries with the skills they need to spot threats and become aware of the impact certain decisions can have on an organisation. We have created bespoke courses to ensure that your team can efficiently use Microsoft Teams in their day-to-day tasks, while being diligent when it comes to security risks. If you would like to learn more about the content of our training courses, click here.  



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