In every organisation, systems are put in place to help support operational efficiencies. In many cases, these are treated as ‘set and forget’ implementations, with upgrades or modernisation changes few and far between. Some may lack security and scalability or fall behind when it comes to harnessing a productive hybrid-workplace setup. It’s time to reimagine your hybrid workplace by virtualising your end-user experience with Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD). 


Azure Virtual Desktop- What is it? 

Azure Virtual Desktop combines the scale, security, and cost benefits of Azure and Microsoft 365 for a secure remote desktop experience from virtually anywhere. 


Key Benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop 

1. Enhanced Security  

Core to decision making in business is ensuring that your security meets a premium standard, and your data is protected. The security features in AVD are extensive and include: 

  • Azure AD Security Services: Sophisticated security services easily configured through Azure AD (e.g. MFA, CA) 
  • Reduced attack surface: Reverse connect technology eliminates the need to open inbound ports to the VMs. 
  • Granular access control: Multiple admins can be assigned role-based access control. 
  • Isolated user sessions: In both single and multi-session environments. 



2. Simplified Management 

Creating an environment that allows your team to embrace hybrid working productively and efficiently is key to your organisation’s success. The User Experience Management provides a single service that supports both desktop and RemoteApp experience. The VM Management piece includes multiple tools for automated VM deployment and Disaster Recovery with integrated Azure Site Recovery included. AVD service management provides simplified and effective troubleshooting. 


3. Cost Effective 

We know that ensuring you incorporate cost-effective services into your organisation’s toolkit is a key priority. The beauty of Azure Virtual Desktop is that the service is included in licenses you already own. It also includes savings on RDS CAL with multi-session deployment and a 3-year Windows 7 ESU. 


4. Built on Azure  

The Azure Cloud has the largest geographical footprint of any cloud provider, with more than 60 Azure regions worldwide. You and your team can enjoy a standarised, global and secure cloud solution that provides a seamless user experience, with uniform deployment via serverless architecture.  


Learn more about Azure Virtual Desktop 

Discover what Azure Virtual Desktop can do for your business with seamless migration from ActionPoint. Want to learn more about modernising your infrastructure with the help of AVD? Discover the 4 Key Steps to success in our free E-Book available to download, here.  

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