A Comprehensive, Reliable & Proactively Monitored Disaster Recovery Solution - Hosted Securely in the Azure Cloud.

True Disaster Recovery Allows Your Business to be Back up and Running With Minimal Disruption.

How would your company react if your core IT systems unexpectedly shut down? Every organisation, no matter what size, needs a recovery plan in place to ‘keep-the-lights-on’ in times of disaster. Many companies believe they are prepared but, oftentimes, their solution is either insufficient or worse still non-existent.

A true ‘Disaster Recovery’ solution should be tested continuously, be GDPR compliant and, most importantly, give your company complete peace of mind.

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Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Proactive monitoring and maintenance of both the appliance and DR software, ensuring a highly reliable performance. This ongoing maintenance and testing ensures that your DR solution can deliver for your business when you need it most.

Regular Reporting

Built-in daily, weekly and monthly reports give your organisation full visibility. This is important as, although you might want to take a hands-off approach, you want to be confident that everything is running as it should.


DRaaS from ActionPoint is managed, monitored and tested proactively. This means it is very much a case of “out of sight, out of mind” for your organisation. The solution is actively updated to ensure a reliable performance.

Azure Cloud

Replicated securely to the Azure cloud. This removes the risks involved in hosting your core business infrastructure privately or in a second physical location nearby.

Conveniently Priced Package

At ActionPoint, we use a monthly subscription model. This affords the customer a conveniently packaged and supported end-to-end solution without breaking the bank.

A Poorly Implemented Disaster Recovery Solution Can Cause an Organization a Lot of Strain

A reliable and comprehensive DR solution is a must-have for every organization. However, a poorly managed or conceived Disaster Recovery plan can create operational obstacles:

  • Large Costs Involved in Establishing a Second Site
  • Uncertainty over Solution’s Functionality
  • Risks Involved in Storing Data Privately
  • Disaster Recovery plan not compliant with GDPR Requirements
  • Lack of Testing Leading to Lack of Reliability and Trust in Solution

DRaaS from ActionPoint - A Highly Reliable Disaster Recovery Solution

Complies with GDPR Requirements

Data is encrypted at rest and in-transit and stored in EU based datacenters. This is a prevalent pain point for many organisations facing the May 25th deadline.

Cost Effective

The large capital expenditure associated with building a remote data center is eliminated by storing your core business infrastructure securely in the Azure Cloud.

Rapid Remediation

We work with you to agree your Recovery Time Objective (RTO), ensuring your systems are back up and running in a planned and scheduled manner.

  How we work

Our DRaaS solution requires an in-depth knowledge of your individual business. If you want to kickstart your journey toward a true “non-touch disaster recovery solution”, then get in touch and we’ll arrange a one-to-one DR-Workshop.

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"DRaaS by ActionPoint is a simple solution that brings incredible peace of mind.”

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