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While remote working is becoming the norm, stay at home workers are seen as vulnerable and are being heavily targeted by phishing and other forms of cyber-attack. With 81% of hacking related breaches arising from either weak or stolen passwords, having an identity management system that is secure from the ground up is crucial.

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Protect Remote Working Employes and Partners

Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service, which helps workers sign in and access resources in:

  • External resources, such as Microsoft 365, and thousands of other SaaS applications.
  • Internal resources, such as apps running on the corporate network or intranet, along with any cloud apps developed by the organisation itself.

Connecting Your Team to Their Apps

By helping you to roll out a reliable, flexible and robust identity management solution, ActionPoint enables seamless, secure access to all your apps. Single sign-on ensures your workforce stays productive and the work stays secure. Access to your apps is further secured by enforcing strong authentication and adaptive risk-based access policies.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that requires not only a username and password but also something that would be unique to the user. This could be a passcode sent to a user’s mobile device. The additional authentication prevents brute-force attacks at the source.

Intelligent Access Control Policies

Microsoft’s identity management system moves organisations from perimeter security to ‘zero trust’. Zero trust security means that no one is trusted by default from inside or outside the network, and verification is required from everyone trying to gain access to resources on the network. This added layer of security has been shown to prevent data breaches.

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