The Workplace Revolution

The modern workplace has arrived and is continuously evolving to meet the needs of both employers and employees. Workplaces are now more fluid, casual environments that are moving away from the traditional cubicle-restrained, office-based 9-5. Work-life balance champions are more and more vocal, and the need to empower long-distance communication and collaboration between employees has never been greater.

The evolution of the modern workplace has created several challenges for companies; more flexible working options are being demanded as employees are becoming increasingly mobile. Today’s blended workforce is no longer tied down to physical locations and as companies become more aligned, employees are increasingly collaborating with others beyond their own department. Recent research has found that providing employees with modern tools and flexibility increases productivity and efficiency. The Condeco Workplace Report outlines how companies who offer flexible working options increased collaboration by an average of 59%. In the modern workplace, creating an environment where employees can exchange ideas, collaborate and communicate effectively and with flexibility is no longer viewed as a progressive ideology but rather as a competitive advantage.

At ActionPoint, we have seen an increasing number of clients making the initial steps towards building their own modern workplace with Microsoft SharePoint and with great effect. Good for them but for those reading this who haven’t yet benefitted from the tool are probably wondering, “what the heck is SharePoint and what can it do for me?” SharePoint is Microsoft’s content management platform, allowing companies to set up a centralized space for document sharing, enabling simple and seamless collaboration.

What does SharePoint do?

SharePoint is a centralized repository that allows employees to work from anywhere. It is a secure place to store, organize, share and access information from any device. Most importantly, the platform empowers employees, teams and organisations to collaborate with the flexibility and efficiency that the modern workplace demands.  SharePoint enables you to inform and connect your organisation with intranets and portals, allowing you to share common resources and applications, and broadcast your message with dynamic pages.

Some of SharePoint’s defining features include file storing, external sharing, content management, team sites, communication sites and developing an intranet network. Integration with Microsoft Office 365 provides your company with a “centralized on-ramp to the modern workplace.”

What are the main benefits of SharePoint?

Now that we’ve looked at what Microsoft SharePoint does, it’s time to look at some of the key benefits it offers to companies. Listed below are some of the main reasons we use Microsoft SharePoint here at ActionPoint, and why we recommend it to our clients:

  • Centralized Collaboration Hub with Anywhere Access: SharePoint is a centralized hub that gives the user your company’s intranet in your pocket, with access to your team and resources from any location. The improved mobile experience means that files can be accessed from any device. Offering seamless collaboration, SharePoint allows you to work effortlessly and securely with team members allowing added flexibility. Intranets and portals allow you to inform and connect your organisation, with the added ability to share common resources and applications.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office 365: SharePoint’s integration with Office 365, especially Microsoft Teams, provides a seamless and secure platform that can further enhance collaboration in your organisation. Office 365 enhances productivity, information access and security within your organisation, from any device or location.
  • Minimised Downtime & Data Loss Prevention: Since launching Office 365, Microsoft have heavily invested in infrastructure to ensure a highly available service. With a 99.9% uptime SLA (Service Level Agreement), SharePoint ensures enhanced collaboration with minimised downtime. Advanced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) capabilities identify, monitor and protect sensitive information, preventing any data leaks either inside or outside the organisation.
  • Reduced Hardware Maintenance: Opting for SharePoint online will reduce the initial cost and continued maintenance of hardware. As part of the Office 365 subscription, SharePoint is billed monthly on a per user basis.
  • Security & Compliance: Security is an obvious concern when sharing sensitive and confidential company information. However, Microsoft has this covered with several features. Multi-Factor Authentication ensures access to the service is protected with a second factor such as a phone. Built-in protections such as anti-virus and anti-spam protection along with advanced threat protection help to safeguard against any external threats. Access permissions and document version controls are further important security features that prevents file-level access without the right user credentials.

Implementing Microsoft SharePoint in your organisation can help you empower and enable your employees. Effective teamwork should not be predicated on proximity and with the right tools, your team can be effective and productive where-ever they are. Increased collaboration and flexibility for your team can accelerate your journey towards a limitless workplace, creating a more effective process for communication. Connect, share and manage content and stay informed through SharePoint. Contact the ActionPoint team to take the first step towards building your modern workplace.

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