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For startups, developing software is about much more than increasing scalability and driving efficiency. It is the lifeblood of the organisation. However, there are challenges that include time, money, software expertise and resources. By working with ActionPoint you can leverage the support and expertise of an award-winning software development team that have the depth of skills required to build an outstanding software solution. We have a proven track record using our agile and flexible approach to engage with Innovative startups with global ambition to deliver solutions on time and on budget.

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"In building our Cloud-based Software Solution for the Aviation Industry we knew we needed to partner with industry leaders to power our latest solution. Working closely with ActionPoint and leveraging their Enterprise Software Development experience, we were able to build and launch an innovative new product hosted securely in the Azure cloud."

Barry Fitzgerald, CTO Cloud Cards
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Why Startups Choose ActionPoint

 Our Experience Becomes Yours​

Delivering Award-Winning Software for Over 15 Years

  • ActionPoint is an ISO-certified, software development partner with over 15 years industry experience. Our software solutions have been used by millions of users worldwide.
  • We have developed software for government bodies, enterprise-scale organisations and businesses both big and small across a range of industries. We have first-hand experience of all the mistakes, budget underestimations, setbacks, and challenges faced by ISVs developing software. 
  • When you work with ActionPoint, the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from overcoming these challenges, becomes yours. 

 Local Partner. World-Class Software.​

The Right Fit for Your Software Development Project

  • Connection, communication and cultural fit is key when choosing an ISV partner.
  • When working with ISVs, we understand what is at stake and the importance of success in any given project. That is why we place such emphasis on building strong relationships and channels of communication. As a local partner, not only are we on the same time-zone but we are always available whether it’s on the phone or in-person.
  • Our team is made up of highly skilled developers, engineers and business analysts. But apart from that, many of us have experience as entrepreneurs. We know what it’s like to be at both sides of an ISV partnership.

 Ability to Scale Up and Down ​

Flexible Budgeting. Agile Methodology. 

  • One of the key challenges for Independent Software Vendors is finding the scope of resources required to develop outstanding software. 
  • When you work with ActionPoint, you get access to an experienced and expert software development team. At any one time, you might have 10-15 developers working with you that can be scaled up and down at different stages of the project.
  • This agile approach makes it much more feasible to develop world-class software at a competitive price. 

 An Experienced Microsoft Partner ​

Leveraging the Microsoft Engine and Azure Cloud

  • ActionPoint has been a Microsoft Gold Partner for over X years. During this time, we have won ‘Microsoft Partner of the Year’ awards on multiple occasions.
  • ActionPoint has developed a close-knit  partnership with Microsoft over the years. This relationship allows us to provide unrivalled vendor support.
  • One of our key strengths is our proven track record of building software solutions for ISVs on the Microsoft platform. The Microsoft Azure Cloud has completely revolutionised the software industry and has transformed the way that ISVs do business.

Our Process

ActionPoint’s secret lies in the process. Working closely with you, we guide you through the ideation phase and help you build a structured software development plan. Throughout the entire process we maintain clear channels of communication, with ongoing testing and report documentation, We take your initial concept from R&D to prototype through to deployment of the finished product. We help steer a path that minimises your risks and maximises your return.

How we work

Enterprise Ireland/VC Friendly

ActionPoint has years of experience guiding partners through the preliminary stages of a software development project. We can help you with your fundraising efforts. 


Our team are highly skilled and adaptable. We have a proven tack record working on a range of different platforms. Take it from us, people matter more than tools. 

Innovation Partnership

Your initial software idea is what started the project. We workshop your idea with you, analysing the market and opportunity for gaps in innovation. We then develop a roadmap that is specific to your business. 

Ready to Get Started?

To ensure successful implementation, choose a partner you can trust to work with long term, one that will commit to truly understanding your business with a track record of delivering delivering outstanding results. Contact us today and we can provide you with a sense of our approach, estimated cost and a top-level timeframe.


If you are looking to innovate, you are in the right place!

Assessing different ways of developing custom software can be complex. We are here to help. Request a callback and one of our team can help you find clarity and a solution that's right for you.

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