Digital Transformation strategy involves integrating digital technologies into all corners of your business, replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes. Adapting digital technologies allows your company to operate more efficiently, increase productivity and creates a better working environment for your employees. In 2021, Digital Transformation is something organisations cannot delay any longer.  

 The COVID-19 pandemic was a real wake-up call for a huge number of organisations. For many, Digital Transformation was perpetually on the to-do list. It was something that would be “nice to do someday” rather than a necessity. There was no deadline, so there was no urgent requirement. 


Why Digital Transformation is Now a Priority 

While almost every organisation understands the importance of Digital Transformation, very few saw it as a priority. The events of 2020 have changed this outlook.  

 The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the need to digitise. Nothing has challenged Digital Transformation strategy more than the events of last year. When businesses had to close thier doors and employees were asked to work from home, the true importance of digitisation came into full view. Organisations all over the world finally realised that now is the time to act.  

 But where do you even begin?  

Digital Transformation Strategy

The Building Blocks of Digital Transformation 

 The first stage, or building blocks, of any Digital Transformation strategy is to carry out a full review of your current IT infrastructure. Only after carrying out an extensive review of your existing resources, policies and processes, can you create a truly objective IT roadmap. This initial phase lays the foundation for successful Digital Transformation. This is where ActionPoint’s IT Assessment comes in.  

An IT Assessment from ActionPoint is a comprehensive and objective review of your organisation’s IT environment. 

With our IT Assessment process, ActionPoint provides you with a complete health check of your current IT environment. We identify risks, validate current initiatives and plan future investments. We then present our findings and make recommendations as to appropriate solutions. We also help you define roles, nail down objectives and set expectations. 


Asking the Right Questions – The ActionPoint IT Assessment Process 

IT Assessment ActionPoint


During the IT Assessment process, ActionPoint examines 3 key areas: 

1. Resolution   


During this phase we look at your approach to conflict resolution, how well positioned you are to deal with IT interruptions and what business continuity plans are in place. We assess your attitude to risk mitigation, documentation, reporting and compliance. Overall, we gain a better understanding of your organisation’s resilience.  

Key questions posed during this stage include: 


  • Do you know the current and future security risks?  
  • Do you have plans to recover from an unexpected disaster?  
  • Are your employees engaged or frustrated with technology, especially remote workers?  
  • Does your IT cater to the mobility needs of the workforce? 
  • Do you maintain an asset register? 
  • Are you aware of the cost of an hour of downtime? Is it avoidable?   
  • Are your operations reliable and efficient?   
  • Are you following Health & Safety measures, ISO standards and GDPR regulations?  


  2. Optimisation   


In the second stage, we look at your organisation’s level of efficiency, effectiveness and overall optimisation. We assess how well you are utilising your IT budget and if your organisation is designed for scaling. 

Key questions posed during this stage include: 

  • Are you overspending or underspending on IT compared to the competition? 
  • Is there a consensus amongst senior management on new tech investments?   
  • Are you able to balance growth with profitability by optimising your IT spend? 
  • Are you dealing with too many or dependent on too few IT vendors, suppliers and partners?  
  • Does your IT infrastructure support your growth ambitions 
  • Do your legacy applications require modernising?   


3. Evolution  


Finally, we look at how well you are adapting to a rapidly changing business environment. The business landscape is continuously changing and in order to survive, an organisation needs to be constantly evolving 

 Key questions posed during this stage include: 

  • Is your organisation COVID- 19  ready?  
  • Have you adapted to the new normal?  
  • Are you getting the most out of your team and technology?  
  • Are your prospects and customers getting the best digital experience?  
  • Is technology supporting your business goals or acting as a barrier?  


As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we enter into a whole new online world. Remote working and online shopping are now the norm. Customers and employees alike have high expectationsIn this new business landscape, Digital Transformation is now critical.  


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