ActionPoint’s Digital Maturity  Self-Assessment is an online, self-assessment tool that allows private and public organisations to determine how far along they are in their Digital Transformation journey. When completing your assessment, you are asked questions about your digital strategy, internal capabilities, how your digital strategy impacts customer experience and how various processes have been augmented with digital technologies. You are then given a Digital Maturity Score out of 100. We have created five distinct categories that reflect these scores:

  1. Pre-Digital – An overall score of 0-20.
  2. Digitally Reactive – An overall score of 21-40.
  3. Digitally Purposeful – An overall score of 41-60.
  4. Digital Optimised – An overall score of 61-80.
  5. Digitally Strategic – An overall score of 81-100.


In this blog post, we will take a closer look at what it means to be Digitally Optimised.

Digital Maturity Level – Digitally Optimised

A Digitally Optimised organisation is at an advanced stage of its Digital Transformation journey. In terms of attitude, a Digitally Optimised company can be grouped with other market leaders who see technology as a strategic enabler. This type of organisation understands that it can only reach its full potential by harnessing the power of technology and has plans in place to implement further change. The type of organisation takes a strategic approach to formulating and implementing a digital roadmap. However, there are still huge opportunities to further boost capabilities and gain a decisive competitive advantage.

Below we take a close look at what it means to be a Digitally Optimised organisation.

Digitally Optimised

Digital Strategy: A Digitally Optimised organisation truly understands the strategic role that technology plays in achieving increased efficiency, customer experience and profitability. At this stage of digital maturity, your digital capability is well established, and IT is aligned strategically with the company’s business goals. There may be opportunities to explore new business models such as product-as-a-service. There is also scope to investigate long-term trends such as sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Digital Capability: At this point in your digital maturity, workers have embraced the strategic direction the company is taking. Employees are encouraged to upskill, and a certain level of digital expertise is expected from all staff. To keep advancing capabilities a Digitally Optimised organisation should consider maintaining a digital skills matrix, mapped out against employees’ competencies. This ensures that staff grow along with the business.

Processes: A Digitally Optimised organisation has clearly defined metrics for measuring and controlling processes. Changes to internal or external processes aren’t made without first testing and evaluating the data at hand. To continue to grow, organisations should leverage the many benefits your organisation may extract by implementing intelligent automation, internet of things and advanced cybersecurity practices.


Customer Experience: An organisation at an advanced stage of the digital maturity model, utilises customer feedback and data insights to continually improve customer experience. To further augment customer support, organisations could consider building a more intuitive digital experience. This can be done by creating tailored programs for each stage of the customer lifecycle.


Risk & Compliance: A Digitally Optimised organisation is compliant with GDPR and other regulations and can pre-empt most security risks with minimal incidents. Organisations at an advanced stage of digital maturity need to continuously improve security capabilities. They could leverage the power of AI to avoid and mitigate risks. This is especially important as cyber attackers are increasingly using AI for launching threats.


Your Digital Maturity – The Next Steps

DMSA Report

If you believe that your organisation is Digitally Optimised, then you are already part of an exclusive group. However, Digital Transformation is a journey and there is always room for improvement. True Digital Transformation is never static, and neither are your competitors.


As you continue along your journey you need to continually review your strategy and consider the exponential gains that industry 4.0 technologies such as artificial intelligence, business intelligence, data analytics and automation promise. Even small changes can make a big difference, allowing you to stand out from the pack and gain a competitive advantage. At ActionPoint, we can help you make the leap from Digitally Optimised to Digitally Strategic, the most advanced stage of the Digital Maturity model. Contact us today for more information.

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