“Through the development of full motor quote, ActionPoint enabled Chill to generate quotes faster, vastly improving both operational efficiency and customer experience as a result. The later development of ‘save and retrieve’ was a huge commercial success and underpinned the huge strategic importance of application modernisation.”

John Riordan, CIO

Our Story

The Challenge

Traditionally, Chill operated by displaying quotes from multiple insurance companies on their website. To create a wholly online experience, Chill installed an online quote engine. Users could now receive an immediate estimate after inputting a small amount of data. This helped to decrease labour costs and increase prospects.
However, as the business has grown over the years, the performance of the site needed to be improved. On the original system, the level of insights into customer activity available to Chill was limited. Without visibility of customer behaviour throughout the quoting process, Chill could not see where users were encountering difficulties. This limited Chill’s ability to improve the user experience.
Chill wanted to provide an industry leading service to their customers. However, they knew that the only way to do that was by having more visibility of the customer’s actions while on their website. They needed to modernise the application to retake control of the customer experience.

The Solution

ActionPoint were tasked with modernising the application to significantly deepen the insights gained throughout the quoting process. Working closely with Chill, the power and scalability of the Azure cloud was leveraged to deliver a high performance system, as demanded by the modern consumer. This platform would house the entire data-capture process, providing a greater understanding of user behaviour.

Increased Visibility

Chill could now analyse the data capture process. They could see where users were having difficulty or dropping off the conversion funnel. They could make relevant changes and remarket to those that abandoned their carts.

Improved User Experience

Modern deployment techniques, combined with the flexibility of Azure, allows for rapid updates to the deployed system. This enables a strong, iterative A/B testing approach to evolve and improve the effectiveness of the online quoting experience.


This was one of Chill’s first applications to be built on the Microsoft Azure platform. Leveraging the availability, scale and security of Platform as a Service significantly decreased infrastructure management costs, improved the speed of deployment and ensured a true modern business application.

The Result

This project in application modernisation has allowed Chill to operate more efficiently, increase online sales, improve agility and flexibility, all while reducing overall costs.


By improving overall visibility, Chill could update the site iteratively to spot weaknesses and implement changes accordingly. Response time for receiving quotations are now 60% faster.

Increased Sales

Chill could now follow up and pursue abandoned shopping carts. With the improved platform, Chill could undertake a ‘save and retrieve’ process. This meant users could return and finish the quote where they left off. Online sales have doubled since this feature was introduced.

Increased Output

Since implementing the fully modernised system, Chill has observed a tenfold increase in the number of daily quotes provided.




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