“Our business is complex and challenging, but the fact that ActionPoint understands what we are going for and can be our guide to the possibilities of Azure, is absolutely the core of the partnership and what makes it work.” Philip MacCartney - Chief Financial Officer, IRP Commerce
Philip MacCartney

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About IRP Commerce

IRP Commerce is an ecommerce platform that enables merchants to maximise every opportunity to grow sales and profits. It allows merchants to take real-time decisions on trading positions and ecommerce actions. The ecommerce platform that goes beyond just giving merchants a place to sell their products. The IRP Commerce platform is a data rich solution that equips merchants with the insights and support they need to optimise revenue generation every step of the way. 


Business Challenge

With the rapid growth of ecommerce over the course of the pandemic, the team at IRP Commerce understood that providing actionable insights, data and potential growth in profits to their merchants would provide an exceptional customer experience to their clients. This information is crucial for vendors to stand out and maximise their efforts.  

IRP’s robust ecommerce platform has three core pillars: 

  • Shopper: Like other ecommerce platforms, this product gives merchants the digital tools they need to sell their products  
  • Trader: An actionable insights terminal that gives merchants the data they need to understand where the profit is coming from and where it is leaking — across the entire ecosystem 
  • IRP World: A competitive marketplace for digital commerce services, including PPC, marketing, and account management

As the company was getting ready to build their data-rich Trader terminal, they realised they needed a cloud-based infrastructure solution that would keep their systems secure and help them scale quickly to meet the needs of their merchants as they themselves grew in their markets. They turned to ActionPoint, long-time trusted partner to help them identify and implement the right solution. That’s where Microsoft Azure came in.   

Key Outcomes

Through ActionPoint’s existing relationship with IRP, the team had legacy knowledge that was invaluable in configuring Azure, so that it would drive the ecommerce platform and help IRP Commerce securely scale to better support its merchants.  

Given the robustness of the IRP Commerce platform, they wanted to be able to dictate what their infrastructure looked like. Using Azure, IRP were able to tailor the solution to their needs, while remaining secure and scalable.  

Going forward, IRP Commerce will be able to operate seamlessly as a result of their Azure migration. Instead of stopping mid-growth to migrate from their servers to a cloud-based provider, they can keep moving forward and scale uninhibitedly to keep up with their merchants.  

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