Microsoft HoloLens Development

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, ActionPoint were eager to get our hands on a Microsoft HoloLens as soon as they launched. This eagerness didn’t simply stem from the fact this was cool new technology; it was triggered by the various commercial applications the headset provides. Mixed reality has always offered real business value, but until HoloLens arrived on the market, there wasn’t a comprehensive platform on which to explore the large-scale applications.

To provide a brief summary, Microsoft HoloLens is the world’s first self-contained holographic computer. By wearing the compact headset, users can see and interact with realistic holograms in their surroundings. They can then share this unique viewpoint with others, even if they’re in different physical locations. When paired with the right software, this ground-breaking technology has numerous benefits for businesses, which we’ve detailed below.

Why Microsoft HoloLens?

Microsoft HoloLens is unlike any other mixed reality platform on the market. It’s self-contained; meaning there’s no cords or external hardware to impact mobility. It’s comfortable; allowing you to utilise the technology for as long as you wish. It’s immersive; allowing you to naturally interact with the holograms. Ultimately, it achieves results no other mixed reality headset can offer.

Enjoy seamless remote collaboration

Microsoft HoloLens offers a comprehensive way to collaborate. Headset wearers can share their viewpoint; including 2D versions of the holograms. This has numerous benefits; users don’t need to take time to film their actions or work; they can share a first person view of a problem and they can receive instant feedback. Even better, the people they’re sharing their view with can also write notes or instructional diagrams that will appear on the headset’s screens. Read our real world example to discover how our team used this feature to collaborate on an IoT project from both Ireland and Austin, Texas.

Microsoft HoloLens Development

Visualise data in real-time

Microsoft HoloLens development allows companies to interact with their digital information in a wholly new manner. They can visualise their data in real-life situations, through notations on their screens or holograms. As an example, engineers can now visualize instructions, diagrams or statistics right on the factory floor. They no longer need to constantly look back and forth between their work notes, but can view both simultaneously. By visualizing their information, they can gain a more comprehensive understanding, save time and streamline their processes.

Conceptualise projects like never before

Microsoft HoloLens allows architects and designers to conceptualise design projects in a revolutionary way. Using the headset’s visual tessellation, wearers can map every detail of their space. They can then create their own holograms and add them to the space where required. Project managers can move and interact with these, allowing them to visualise their projects before physical work ever begins.

Increase interaction with learning environments

Mixed reality allows learning environments to become truly interactive and fun. Through HoloLens headsets and the appropriate software, students can view and interact with life-like scenarios, preparing them for when these virtual situations are their reality. Moreover, while students wear the headset, their tutors can stream their viewpoint, and provide instant feedback. As mentioned, they don’t even need to be in the same room to do so – they can provide notes or instructional diagrams through the screen.

VIDEO: Watch to learn more about using Microsoft HoloLens in business

While it’s all well and good reading about technology, watching it in action is so much better. Discover more about the capabilities, limitations and business value of Microsoft HoloLens, by watching our free video. ActionPoint’s Technical Director, John Savage, provides a comprehensive summary of the technology.

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